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Covid 19 and buying of Jewellery

Step 1

You must take photos of all items you wish to sell. Individual and group please.

Step 2

SMS or e-mail photos to me:  060 961 1400 or e-mail: info@romancingthestone.co.za

Step 3

You must send me copy of ID and address of where we can pick up the parcel also the declaration must be filled, signed and send to us.

Step 4

Arrangements will be made with you to collect parcel.  Please note Parcel must be sealed.  (e.g. In envelope or sealed bag with sellotape).  The courier will not accept any open parcels.

Step 5

Once we receive the parcel, we will take photos of the parcel and verify that the items in the parcel matches your photos.  

Step 6

An offer will be made on your jewellery

Step 7

If you agree – payment will be made to your bank account within 24 hrs.

If you do not accept the offer – your jewellery will be returned to you.

Please note: all jewellery will be tested, if the items send is not gold, silver, platinum or palladium the items will be kept for you until Covid lock down is cleared.  You can then collect the items at our premises.

In these difficult times we can help you by following these procedures.